Wonder Woman Ride

WWRide14-103Come celebrate our 10th annual fully supported all women ride! The ride is set for September 14th, 2019.  Come experience Southern Utah County as you cycle through the beautiful rolling countryside.


With the addition of the 15 mile route, now there is a route for every ability! Whichever distance you choose the 15 mile,  30 mile, 70 mile or the 100 miles, you will love the picturesque scenery and ease of the course.


This fully supported ride has a total of 6 aid stations for the century riders, 5 for the 70 milers, 2 for the 30 milers and 1 for the 15 milers . Each aid station is stocked with fruit, water, Powerade and other goodies. The century and 70 milers will also have a lunch stop.  


It is always a good idea to bring a spare tube and whatever you need to change your tire, although we will also have a slew of superhero volunteers both on bicycles and roaming in SAG vehicles.

The finish line will have a festive atmosphere with great food, music, fun giveaways and expo with great vendors!

Come join 800 of your new closest friends to push your body and mind to new heights as you challenge yourself in this exciting event!



Mass start times:

7:30 for the 100 mile and 70 mile riders

9:00 for the 30 and 15 mile riders


You are welcome to start earlier than your designated start time but plan on having what you need as aid stations might not be set up by the time you get there.